Why Veterinary Medicine?

Veterinary Medicine

“A practice of art, a work of heart, a profession apart.”


First of all, thank you for finding our corner of the world here at Blue Ridge Animal Hospital in the beautiful Bedford, Virginia. We love having you here.


Since blogging is new to us, we decided our first introduction to it would be none other than answering the age old question of why veterinary medicine?


When I was a little girl, I had no hesitation to the answer, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” While I could barely pronounce the term ‘veterinarian,’ I would stammer it out or go for the easier answer of ‘animal doctor.’


For me, veterinary medicine has always been my true calling. There was no doubt in my young mind that one day I would be holding that veterinary degree in my hand (and it turns out a cowbell in the other!) and celebrating that I had finally arrived!  To this day, one of the happiest memories of my life continues to be the day I received the phone call offering me a position into veterinary school. Even remembering it now while writing about it, I can still see every detail of that moment, and the pride and excitement are still there. Such is the impact of the veterinary calling!


As a little girl, like most of us, there was always a fascination with all things living, and all things that couldn’t talk. I would fancy myself to be Dr. DooLittle on many a walk with our family labrador Yeller.  To this day, I still think he was the best listener I had ever encountered. I imagine that most veterinarians stories begin this way, the true joy and passion of healing from as early as we can remember.


The journey to reach this dream wasn’t always easy and the path was not always clear, just like most things worth doing. Yet, every day, I get to go home believing that the hospital was able to make the day brighter for at least one person. At Blue Ridge, we can rest at night realizing while there may have been some sad or difficult times during the day, there was hope, there was compassion, and there was heart.


There are few other professions that can offer that.
So thank you Bedford for stopping by and starting our story with us. Thank you for letting a group of individuals live out their talents, their dreams, and their hearts. It’s going to be a grand adventure along the way…

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